Links to other good reviews that we’ve come across. We’ll update this page every so often.

1. Reel Geezers
Rubbish name, but lots of great reviews from two industry professionals to be found on you tube.

2. Peter Bradshaw
Amusing review of the new Hulk film from the Guardian film critic. Although highly reminiscent of this Onion article on Ang Lee’s (2004) version, Bradshaw’s Hulk-speak parody is a bit more scathing.

3. Kubrik’s sociology
In depth appraisal of Kubrick’s last film Eyes Wide Shut (1999) which uniquely manages to make both the film and sociology more interesting.

4. Incredibles review
Nice deconstruction of the Mr Incredible character from Pixar’s The Incredibles (2004) by Saundra Mitchell (aka Headspace) on Metafilter. A good example of the unique kind of ‘because’ that we find in narrative fictions (e.g. he’s the killer because of his hairstyle). Some of the other comments on that page are ok too, but I wouldn’t read too much into the Nietzsche connection that others have pointed out.

5. It’s a Wonderful Life review
Not such a wonderful reality perhaps, but a great film.

Lots of content on this site focusing on screenwriting.

7. F/X Porn
Article by novelist David Foster Wallace mostly about Terminator 2.

8. The Conversations
Indepth film analysis from Ed Howard and Jason Bellamy, updated monthly.


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