Unbreakable (2000)

Three interesting things about this film with regards to the ‘heroic’ life-narrative:

1. The inspiring idea that you don’t know how strong you can be until you test yourself. (e.g. when Bruce is weightlifting).

2. The idea that Bruce Willis gravitates towards security work due to some foggy sense of his true nature.

3. The idea that sometimes the best thing to do, all things considered, is lie to your wife.

Of course, Bruce Willis is playing a pretty dumb character who takes the entire film to remember he was faking his injuries that time (perhaps his unbreakable brain has trouble forming new memories??) though I don’t really mind that since he is a tough guy after all. And M. Night Shamalamashishi’s schtick for water is obviously dumb (though not as offensive to reason as in that alien film he did). But overall the variety of cute ways in which comic book tropes are given a realistic motivation (a secret identity needed for the sake of his marriage, the weatherproof jacket for a cloak, the villian also searching for his identity etc.) make this an enjoyable film.



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