Upcoming from Tom Cochrane

Also coming soon…


Stressed toy executive Tom Hanks starts to develop lymphatic elephantiasis and must seek out a Zoltan funfair machine to reverse the consequences.

D.A.R.Y.L.: The Return

Summer 2009 welcomes the robot genius DARYL back to the big screen! Now all grown up, and having finally learned what a hooker is, Daryl (Ethan Hawke) has become a big time pimp trying to keep the Peurto Ricans from muscling his territory. And he can still play the shit out of ridge racer! (TC)

The Post-Graduate

Dustin Hoffman revisits his most famous role in this update of the 60s classic. Now a professor at Berkeley, the 70 old Hoffman is supervising a PhD in medieval philosophy by sexy-but-nerdy Keira Knightley. With simmering sexual tension they must decide if the scholastic metaphysics of Duns Scotus is still relevant to current mereological issues.

The corpse of Anne Bancroft makes a guest appearance as Hoffman wistfully recalls his own student days. (TC)


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