Upcoming from Eddie Lawes

E.E.T: The Extra Extra Terrestrial (U)

In this sequel to Spielberg`s 80s classic, Elliot, now 35 (played by Matt Damon) is visited by E.E.T. This extra extra terrestrial is not just alien to planet earth, but to our universe. Emerging from an alternate reality E.E.T does not exist in three dimensions and as such cannot be seen, heard or interacted with by humans. Elliot is unaware of E.E.T`s presence as he goes about his normal business as a call centre manager for Dell`s technical support team. Recommended 8/10. (EL)

Blinder Date (15)

In this modern sequel Walter Davis (Bruce Willis) – now retired and living in Miami with severe cataracts – is motivated by a near death experience to contact his now estranged wife Nadia Gates (Kim Basinger). Unbeknownst to him Nadia has been dead for two years and her identity has been stolen by a morbidly obese credit card fraudster Margot (Dawn French). Walter is strung along and tricked into handing over his life savings and the deeds to his home before he realises something isn’t quite right about his ex-wife. Gritty 6/10 (EL)

Rain Men (12A)

In this follow up to Barry Levinson`s Oscar winning 1988 heartwarming classic Charlie Babbit (Tom Cruise) takes over as the manager of a Beverly Hills care home for socially challenged savants. His brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) has become something of a celebrity in the intervening years hosting his own talk show on cable (‘Raymond`s Baseball Facts’). Things take a turn for the worse however when Charlie gets locked in at the care home one night during a power cut and is set upon by a gang of patients desperate for their medication, can Raymond get home from the TV studio in time to save his life?. Dramatic/Tense 7/10 (EL)

The Godmother (U)

Set at the same time as the original Godfather movie, this equel* takes a different point of view on this famous chapter in the Corleone story. Seen through the eyes of Mama Corleone (Roseanne Barr) in this documentary style drama we see how the matriarch of a major crime family keeps house, pays bills and purchases white goods whilst all around her vengeful chaos ensues, always just out of view. Original and detailed 9/10 (EL)

*An equel is a work that portrays an alternative version of events occuring within a previously completed narrative (e.g. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead) (copyright: Ed Lawes, March 2008).

8 2/3 (PG)

A meticulous remake of Fellini`s 1963 classic 8 1/2 . Every element of the film including the number of lines in the script, the wattage of the lighting, the sound levels and even the height of the actors has been increased by 16.66%. Exacting 9.16/10 (EL)

Bourne To Be Wilde (15)

In this final chapter, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), suffers a blow to the head which results in a second bout of amnesia. This time he wakes up believing himself to be the reincarnation of the famous Irish playwright and wit Oscar Wilde. Still hounded by his erstwhile CIA spymasters he attempts to counter their assassination attempts with quips, sarcasm and thinly veiled comic invective. Brilliant 9/10. (EL)


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