Ferris Bueller TV series

Breaking news! Plans are also underway to revamp the short lived Ferris Bueller television series:

6 New Episodes

Ferris Bueller’s Power’s Off: FB’s neighbourhood experiences a black out and hi-jinks ensue. (AH)
Ferris Bueller’s Tee Off: golfing comedy, FB dodges his membership renewal at LA’s finest course. (AH)
Ferris Bueller’s Telling Off: Jeffery Jones finally gets to tell FB what he thinks in a 92 minute reprimand. (AH)
Ferris Bueller’s Fruit Goes Off: FB keeps forgetting to take the fruit bowl off the kitchen window sill. (AH)

Ferris Bueller’s Molotov: FB skips work to join an anarchist geurilla group only to find that his boss has invited the same group to perform some revolutionary theatre at the company barbeque! Ferris must play the lead role, even whilst avoiding being recognised by his boss and simultaneously bringing about the downfall of the ruling elite. (TC)

Ferris Bueller’s Take Off: FB takes an unsheduled day off work and goes to visit Cape Canaveral to see the Shuttle launch. Unfortunately his boss has the same idea and Ferris ends up hiding in the Shuttle toilet to avoid being seen. He gets taken into orbit only to die later on after his body weight causes the crew to miscalculate their re-entry trajectory and the shuttle burns up in the Earth`s atmosphere. (EL)


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