Upcoming from Alun Hughes

The Karate Man

Former karate champion Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio returns to the role) is a hard drinking 40-something dojo owner. Although he has a loyal following of students, Daniel can’t forget his past glories and sinks to deep depression. After Larusso’s star student threatens to leave the team for the better equipped dojo 2 blocks away, Daniel lashes out and kills him with the crane kick we all know and love. Daniel realises that he’s still “got it” and after disposing of the body enters the latest karate tournament to show the world. He of course loses but has won his own inner battle and stuff like that. Ends with him getting arrested and sent down. (AH)

Schindler’s Pad

Years after crossing off all those lucky Jewish factory workers in the first movie, Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson returns to the role) gets the idea to save more people when he finds a perfectly clean and new A4 pad in a kitchen drawer which he’d probably had for ages and forgotten about and proceeds to fill it up with people’s names who are in any kind of trouble.

Could branch out to possible franchise…best talk to the lawyers first, sensitive ground etc etc (AH)

Topper Gun

Having shot down those pesky MIGGs at the end of the first one, Maverick is King of the Air World and is offered a seat on the next space mission. Ending could go a number of ways:
Ending 1: Maverick bumps into space MIGGs and has to do battle with them.
Ending 2: Maverick gets spiritual and “keeps on flying”, never returning to Earth.

All The President’s Women

We revisit the time when Watergate was blown, this time from the viewpoint of Woodward and Bernstein’s secretaries. With the help of very expensive CGI, we see reverse angles of Hoffman and Redford that were never shot in the first place. It’s a female drama, two women bonding in a noisy newspaper office. Watergate never really referred to just casual shots of memos left on desks saying things like “Must call Deep Throat, Don’t forget to buy milk.” Think Steel Magnolias in tone. (AH)


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