The Illusionist (2006)

Better than The Prestige, with superior beards throughout. Norton thrills in a classic balbo with a lovely swooping curve into the jawline, complementing a rakish backcombed widows peak on top. Giamatti meanwhile provides solid support with a rugged full facial, indicative of his dependable character.

Paul Giamatti, Edward Marsan & Edward Norton

But it is Rufus Sewell’s crown prince Leopold that has some of the best beard in the film, as the appearance of his iron jaw imperial in the second act really highlights what was becoming an otherwise humdrum parade of goatees and mutton chops. A wonderful rich auburn colouring with pointed moustache tips shows that Sewell really means business. One to look out for.

Jessica Biel & Rufus Sewell (Source: New York Times)


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